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Heart Centered Therapy & Soul Coaching

Nicole Ford, LCSW

Hello, I am so glad you are here. Whether you have just decided to try therapy for the first time or are a seasoned pro when it comes to sitting on the couch, I would love to support you.

I help women deepen their process of healing.

Many of my clients come to me because they have experienced a trauma in their lifetime. Trauma can be anything from a one time incident (like a car accident) to more complex trauma, like growing up in a household with an alcoholic or abusive parent.

Trauma can leave us feeling anxious, depressed, panicky, or triggered in certain situations or with certain people. It can bring nightmares, beliefs that we just aren't quite good enough, or fears of failing. We might have a pretty great life in most ways, but still feel unsettled, anxious, or flawed deep down. We might have a sense that something is wrong with me.


I approach therapy with a holistic view––helping you connect with your deeper soul self to heal. 

Often trauma can leave a lasting imprint on our minds, bodies, and spirits, which is why:

  • My practice is grounded in evidence based techniques, and also healing methods from eastern medicine and indigenous peoples.
  • I believe in beginning the path of healing from trauma while tapping into your wellspring of gifts and strengths.
  • We will use humor – laughter can also be quite healing. :)


How would you like to begin?


Heart Centered Therapy

In therapy, we will work together to get you out of your head, and into your heart.

Soul Coaching

Live from a place of deep intuition and connectedness. Be your own healer.

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About Nicole

I blend evidence-based techniques, and practices that connect with your spirit.