Get Out of Your Head...and into Your Heart


I understand how painful it is to feel unworthy, scattered, overwhelmed, and panicky. Like there is something wrong with you. I know how it can feel like you have tried many different techniques to heal (yoga, meditation, acupuncture, juicing, dancing, primal screaming… you get the picture) but nothing seems to work on a deep level. I know what it takes from the inside how to put yourself together, begin healing, and learn how to live in a way that feels joyful, authentic, intuitive, and in relationships with an open heart.

I'd like to help you heal and connect with your Inner Self: call it your Soul, your Wise Lady, your Spirit, or your Intuition. To live a life that feels meaningful, connected, and joyful.

I bring a gentle spirit and open heart to all of my sessions.
I will never judge you or your situation.
I love to share my knowledge and expertise and also honor yours.
I wholeheartedly believe that we all have innate gifts to bring into the world.

We will laugh together, sometimes cry, and I will ask you a million times, check in with what you are feeling in your body. We may also do guided meditations and often I send my clients personalized meditations to listen to between sessions.

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My therapeutic work is a blend of evidence based techniques as well as methods to help you connect with your spirit.

I use EMDR therapy in my practice and have completed all of the basic EMDR training. I also draw upon Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Narrative Therapy, Family Systems and Family of Origin Issues, and attachment work.

I am a total therapy nerd! I strive to stay current on the latest research and effective techniques in the field and often will send you a great podcast or book recommendation if it is relevant to your healing.

I graduated from Portland State University with a Masters In Social Work (MSW) and am currently an LCSW in Oregon.

This work is my life's calling..

My passion for healing began quite a long time ago. I was the teen reading books by Carl Jung in between issues of Cosmo. I have studied psychology in the traditional sense, and have also put into practice many methods for healing holistically in my own life. I will never offer you a technique or tool that I haven't already tried out myself.

I have been working in the mental health field for over a decade and I am honored to have worked with a wide range of people. I have many years of experience in a community mental health setting where I worked with all ages of clients. I have experience in crisis intervention and am also a child and family specialist.

When we're not in session...

I live in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon where I get to soak in all of the beauty of nature every single day. I live with my fiancé Jay, sweet baby daughter, neurotic dog, and a typically stand-off ish cat. When I am not in session, I am hanging out with my family and my other love, coffee.

Ready to begin living meaningful, connected, and joyful life?