Shamanic healing practices are a powerful method of healing.

Have you always felt drawn to the spiritual or soul aspect of life? Do you have a feeling that there is much more going on than what we label as day to day reality? And feel that you are part of this vast web of spirit? In this modern day, it can be hard to feel connected with our soul, with nature, and with the web of connected-ness that we all share.

Often the more busy and scattered we are, the more depleted, anxious, and disconnected from our hearts, bodies, and those around us we feel. We begin to feel increasingly anxious and scared of life (even if we seem on the outside to be holding it all together), or feel so run down and overwhelmed that we just can't possibly take on one more thing. You may attempt to fill this hole with wine, work, or worries.

Yet, nothing seems to reach the unease on a deep level. No matter how many therapy sessions you have had or how many self help books you have read. 

We have lost our connection to spirit and healing, and most importantly our connection with our own Soul. When we begin to tune in to the language of the Soul and spirit and listen to what it longs for, profound healing can take place. 

Indigenous people have been using shamanic healing to address traumas and soul loss for thousands of years in all parts of the world. The word Shaman means "to see in the dark." Shamanic healing is a way of using the light of heart to illuminate the places that are in need of healing within us.


Shamanism is a way of bringing all parts of ourselves back home and reclaiming our power. 


I began to incorporate Shamanic healing into my practice after I felt like there was a piece missing in my therapeutic work. For years I was using traditional therapy to help people clear and process past trauma and overcome some of their anxieties, but many still felt like something was missing within them. I discovered shamanic work and felt like I had the missing piece of the puzzle for deeper healing. Shamanic healing can help people heal on a deep level, the level of the soul. 

Shamanism teaches us how to connect on a deeper level with the world around us. It teaches us how to live from our heart and connect with all of the loving guidance around you and with nature.


Services Offered:

  • Soul Retrieval Ceremony and follow up Integration Sessions

  • Energy Clearing

  • Spirit Animal Retrieval

  • Shamanic Journeying

  • Drum Healing

  • Spiritual Guidance Session via email

What is a Soul Retrieval Ceremony?

A Soul Retrieval Ceremony is a deeply transformational Ceremony, where the Soul Parts that have been lost over time are returned to restore power to the person receiving the ceremony. 

Over the course of our life, we can lose parts of ourselves through experiencing traumas large or small. These can be anything from car accidents to relationship traumas, experiencing emotional and physical abuse as a child, divorce, losing loved ones, moves, etc. Our Soul is quite wise, and this process of leaving the body while the trauma occurs is a protective mechanism. It is too painful and shocking for our soul to be completely in our bodies while a trauma happens. When a Soul Part leaves us, it stays outside of ordinary time and space, almost as if it is frozen in place.

When we experience loss of parts of our soul, we may feel depleted, scattered, stuck in the past, depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed. Soul Loss can also contribute to addictions and physical conditions like autoimmune disease.

Shamans describe this type of soul loss as a loss of personal power

During a Soul Retrieval Ceremony you will also receive an energy clearing where any blocked or stuck energy that is causing emotional or physical issues will be removed and you will receive a power animal to assist in your healing.

Spiritual Guidance Session

Do you have a situation or issue happening in your life that you need guidance and support around? Are you feeling stuck with it and need a bigger picture perspective? 

During a Spiritual Guidance Session, I will connect with my guides and helpers to receive healing information for you and deliver it in a written email. You will receive personalized guidance and prescriptive rituals to help with your situation.

 Shamanic Healing Package

This offering is the most immersive experience available. This deep dive consists of a Soul Retrieval Ceremony, 4 follow up integration sessions with me, a journeying workshop, and email support.

Please contact me for prices and scheduling.  

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